Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lombardstreet Ventures located?
Our team is based in Menlo Park, California.
At what stage does the firm invest?
We specialize in the pre-seed and seed stages. The smaller and earlier the company is, the better. We can do follow-on investments in our portfolio companies up to the Series A round.
What is the check size for each investment?
We invest up to $500,000 in each company as a first check.
How does the due diligence process work?
We usually make a decision within a few days from the first meeting. After that, you can expect some more questions over email and sometimes a request for a second meeting with the whole founding team. Every investment decision is based first and by a long shot on the entrepreneur and second on the idea. When we meet an exceptional team, we invest—regardless of the vertical.
Do you lead rounds?
Do you take board seats?
We don’t take board seats. We invest founder-first, and not having a board seat is in the best interest of all the parties.
What do you look for in founders?
We seek out innovative and driven entrepreneurs who have a knack for identifying emerging markets before anyone else. Their foresight and quick action in addressing these opportunities make them stand out from the crowd.
Do you require founders’ periodic updates?
We believe that consistent and persistent communication with investors is a significant benefit in identifying potential issues at an earlier stage in the company’s cycle. We seek responsive founders who understand the value of sharing information with investors.
What do you think about remote teams?
In the early stages of a company, founders who work closely together in a physical workspace possess a significant advantage over other organizational models. However, when a distributed team creates a competitive edge and fits with the product strategy, we love investing in it.
Do you invest in non-US companies?
No. Our investment strategy is to target US-based companies and prioritize the US market. We believe that Silicon Valley gives entrepreneurs a competitive advantage over any other geography; whenever possible, we prefer investing in founders in the Bay Area.

If your company is outside the USA, relocate the company and founders, then come talk to us.

What are Lombardstreet areas and markets of interest?
We aim to invest across markets. We are software engineers, and whenever possible, we prefer to invest in the following verticals

  • B2B first, but open to selected B2C opportunities
  • SaaS
  • Infrastructure software
  • Open source/open core
  • Developer tools and frameworks
  • API-first solutions
  • Enterprise AI tech stack
  • Generative AI infrastructure
  • Innovative solutions tackling the challenges of new markets

How can founders submit an idea to Lombardstreet Ventures?
Before submitting your idea to our team, double-check our investment thesis on this FAQ page to ensure we fit your fundraising well.

At least one General Partner will review your application upon receipt and our team respond within days.

To submit your idea to our team, send us an email including the following information:

  • Company Overview: A link to your company website and a blurb about what you are building and why.
  • Location: Provide the location of the company and founders, and explain its strategic importance for your business.
  • Founding Team: A few lines for each founder, including the LinkedIn profile. We would appreciate it if you could record a short team presentation like this one. We want to know each of the founding members and understand why you are determined to make this company a massive success.
  • Traction: How fast is the company growing? Tell us about your most notable recent achievement, and be specific about how long it took and what you did to reach that metric.
  • Pitch: Attach a pitch deck and ensure that it is accessible to all members of our team. Also, it would be great if you could find the time to record a 2-minute video pitch with the most relevant facts or a product demo, including your audio comments.

What should I read before contacting Lombardstreet Ventures?
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