Irene Mingozzi


Irene Mingozzi

Irene has 10+ years of experience in supporting startups in their growth and internationalization, managing innovation and acceleration programs in Europe, the USA and Canada.

She has been the Director of ART-ER’s Silicon Valley Innovation Hub for 5 years supporting 100+ companies in their approach from Europe to the US market.

She co-founded 2 companies, mentored more than 200, published research papers and articles on entrepreneurship, and has been part of several policymaking think-tanks on innovation and internationalization.

To invest in a company, you must also have the right gut feeling, but it is difficult to explain what it means. It’s when you are in front of greatness that you understand. Often, and it’s one of the best things about our work, we meet extraordinary founders: while listening to them, you have the same feeling as when you finally solve a riddle, or when you put the last piece of a puzzle.

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