Luigi Ambrosi

Venture Partner

Luigi Ambrosi

Luigi has been involved in Food & Beverage full time since he graduated from Georgetown University with a double degree in Business Management and Anthropology. He started his career in the Trade Marketing division of Campari America.

He left Campari to bring his Italian dairy family business to the United States and to develop new brands, sales and marketing strategies to grow the subsidiary effectively and at a fast pace in a new market. He built the team and designed operational best practices and procedures. This experience allowed Luigi to learn how to work with small dynamic and flexible teams, and develop a ‘startup’ operation into a more structured company, with all the pleasures and hurdles that come with it.

Luigi has always been passionate about new food trends and has closely followed the foodtech sector for years. He is an active Angel Investor since 2018.

Often times we may pay too much attention to future dreams and projections of a business. Though important they are, in the pre-seed and seed stage, what I like to look for first and foremost, is a founder that is able to make me feel the same passion they have for their venture. Because that shows how involved he is to the core, as well as how he will be able to grow and communicate his vision effectively.

Previous Investments

Cardenxe Sotol
The Meatless Farm
Tiny Organics
Bella & Bona

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