Massimo Sgrelli


Massimo Sgrelli

Massimo has been in the tech business for more than 25 years. He created multiple companies and has invested in San Francisco startups since 2010. He co-founded Sysdig Inc., a Linux containers visibility tool and a fast-growing high-tech company based in San Francisco a few years later. Today the company is a unicorn.

As a software engineer, he generally invests in the software market, with a true passion for developer tools, infrastructure software, open-source, and SaaS.

He co-founded Lombardstreet Ventures to become a full-time investor.

Seed-stage investment is a founder-first business. You look for engineers that keep going and never give up. Creating a long-lasting company takes time, sacrifice, and the will to take care of many people.

Previous Investments

Rebel Girls (formerly Timbuktu Labs)

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