Mukul Agarwal

Venture Partner

Mukul Agarwal

Mukul founded BootUP, a leading Silicon Valley based global ecosystem and has been involved with over 110+ companies who have raised more than 400 million in investment and have a combined valuation of over 4 billion.

He is a passionate entrepreneur who believes entrepreneurship is the most powerful word of this century that transcends race, religion, country. His purpose and quest is to help people think like entrepreneurs so that we can help make this world a better place.

Mukul has been named by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the 50 inspirational Entrepreneurs to lookout for in 2017 and mentions him as “25 Socially Strong Entrepreneurs Every VC Should Be Following”.

When you tell me what business you are doing and when I tell you what business you are doing you will say wow, “is that what I am doing or what I could be doing”. Business is nothing but a compelling story solving a problem with a plan. I can help you tell an amazing story and bring in all elements that are required to execute that story.

Previous Investments

App Machine
Marble Security

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